My name is Andrei Peri, born 1950, married and father of three.
I was licensed as an Alexander Technique Teacher  by Shaike Hermelin , after 4 years of apprenticeship, at his Alexander Technique Teachers school in Tel Aviv. 
I am a member of the Israeli  and  British (STAT) Alexander Technique Teachers organisations and teach  in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.
"By practicing the Alexander Technique you will keep your body healthy, and mentally and physically efficient. It will provide you with a spiritual calm and confidence that makes living a pleasure. Good health is priceless, and the Alexander Technique lays the best possible foundation for good health..."

Patrick MacDonald - First generation teacher, the teacher of Shaike Harmelin, my teacher.

Alexander described his technique as "thinking in activity" because it allows to develop sensory awareness and conscious control over one's body during action.